The organising committee

As far back as at the Barcelona Summit in 2018, some of the Nordic Estill EMT´s started discussing organizing a European summit in Malmö. Gunlis, who has been working at the Music Academy in Malmö thought it would be fun to host an event in her home city. And so the idea began.

At the Symposium in London more formal meetings were had, and the practical details discussed. We made our formal proposal to the EVI board, and in September 2019 all details were set. We are hosting the 3rd Estill European Summit in 2020!

Let´s get personal

So, who are in the committee, and who should I ask about what? Well, we all have our strengths, and dare I say weaknesses, so we have chosen to break down the responsibilities, so that it would be easier for you to know whom to talk to.

Host: Gunlis Ardevall, EMT

Chair Person: Jan Pettersson, EMT

Economy and fund raising: Jaana Turunen, EMT

Marketing & design: Sølvi Elise Halvorsen, EMT & Juho Eeola, EMT

Registration: Ole Anton Thomassen, EMT

General Estillian Badassery: Dorte Hyldstrup, EMCI

Content Developing: Everyone